How to Take Back Control Of Your Life

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It seems that every few weeks, there’s a new message in the media that puts society in a perpetual state of emergency. We respond to the media’s requests to alter or modify our bodies in some way, to “fix” some sort of national epidemic. Despite all the evidence that proves digital enhancement on weight loss commercials, and editing modifications made on models in advertisements, we are somehow still convinced. And still waiting to become these people that we are presented with as the epitome of beauty. It’s time to take back control of your life.

Who is really in control?

We’re all biologically, chemically, genetically different. We are DIFFERENT. Bread differently, made differently, taught differently. And this is what makes our society function. Without differences of all sorts, we’d live in a crippling society. So why are we accepting messages formed by society that would ultimately lead to its demise?

Every time you see, hear, or are presented with a word or phrase the promotes any sort of conformity, ask how changing YOUR physical appearance would, in any way, benefit society.

Here are a few examples of phrases we’ve seen splattered all over newspapers, magazines, and billboards, and different ways that you can combat them:

New Year, New YOU!

Ask a Question: Why should the coming of a new calendar year prompt me to change the person I am?

Answer: It should not.

Take back control of your life!

Positive Affirmation:

What is so wrong with me that needs to be changed? I am my own person, I am [positive quality], [another wonderful quality that you possess], and [yet some other lovely characteristic that makes you an extraordinary person]!

Get Bikini Body Ready for Summer!

Ask a Question: What does a “Bikini Body” look like? Why is the “body” being separated from the person whose “body” it is? Can I wear whatever I want?

Answer the Question: A “Bikini Body” should literally mean any person wearing a bikini (unfortunately society has created this image of a bikini body that sways from it’s very literal meaning). The “body” that is wearing the Bikini belongs to a real person, and that person should not be seen as just a “body”. Yes! Every person has the right to wear whatever they please.

Take back control of your life!

Positive Affirmation:

I am not my body, and my body does not define my self worth. My body is something that is beautiful. And it allows me to do the things I love such as [state something you like to do for yourself], [state something you like to do with your friends], and [state something you like to do for fun].

Poof! You just schooled the media, and you have the strength and the courage to choose your own life, and your own happiness without another generic and cliche slogan dictating the way YOU live your life!

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