I See You Hurting: A Powerful Poem About Recovery

 hurting - image of person gazing at a white illuminated object in her hands; background is dark,

I see you hurting,

I can feel your pain.

I ache to make it better,

To help you feel whole again.


Your lip begins to quiver,

And your leg starts to shake.

I can tell the world is on your shoulders,

And it is more than you can take.

I see you hurting…

I have been in your shoes before,

And I vividly remember the angst in my heart.

I know what it feels like to watch as the world goes by,

Yet it feels as though you can’t do your part.

But through all the strife,

There is a foundation being built.

You are coming farther than you know,

Just by facing the guilt.

I see you…

You are strong.

You are brave.

You are worthy of love,

And deserve to be saved.

Don’t give up hope, my love,

You can get through this, too.

Your soul is fighting for you to be free,

And because the world wants to see what you can do.

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