If You Think It’s Not A Big Deal To Have Anorexia, Read This.

When you look back and ask yourself if anorexia was worth all the missed experiences and opportunities in life, know with resounding certainty the answer is NO.

A diet will become more than missed calories, it will envelop your mind and rob you of your life. You’ll no longer equate happiness with smiles and belly laughs. Happiness will equate to emptiness and then emptiness will equate to value.

Eventually, happiness loses its meaning

At first, you lost weight. Then you lost dinners with friends, holidays with your family, and days at work. Then the patience of friends, the love of your partner, your hair, and your livelihood. Next your relationships, your teeth, your boobs, your values, your sex drive, your mental freedom…

You lose everything.

All you have left is your weight loss. 

So ask yourself, is being thin worth the trade of everything else you hold dear?

Know you must give up everything for Anorexia. 

And know that it’s not worth it.

I speak from experience…

They’ll get tired of the cancelled plans. They’ll stop wanting to come visit the Eating Disorder Unit. They’ll continue on with their lives because they must.

Because they deserve all of the adventure, and the happiness that comes to them.

You Deserve A Life

But please never forget that you deserve all of that, too.

You will always deserve help, and struggling is never shameful.

You will never stop deserving happiness.

You are never worthless, even when ED has convinced you that you are.

It is never too late

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