“I’m Not Your Typical Dietitian”: A Conversation with Kimmie Singh, RD

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Kimmie Singh is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who helps people heal their relationships to food and their body through a fat positive perspective built upon an anti-oppressive framework. With a passion for intuitive eating and weight-inclusive nutrition, she is also interested in the harmful effects of weight stigma in healthcare and eating disorder treatment, food insecurity, and weight inclusivity in dietetics training. In this episode of In This Body, Kimmie Singh candidly shares how her early life and identity have impacted her career as a fat body positive provider.

It was through my own recovery that I became interested in the field of nutrition and working from a non diet perspective.

Kimmie Singh

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What You’ll Learn

  • What it was like for Kimmie to grow up as the daughter of an Indian immigrant in America
  • Kimmie’s experience as the only fat South Asian in her dietitian training
  • The long term impact being weighed in elementary school had on Kimmie
  • How the development of an eating disorder changed Kimmie’s career path 
  • The ways Kimmie’s approach is based in a fat positive and anti-oppressive framework
  • How recovering from COVID impacted Kimmie’s relationship with her body
  • How social media causes us to view our bodies from a third person perspective  
  • What ASDAH is and what their mission is

Quotables from Kimmie Singh

So I try to set those emotional boundaries with myself that it’s fine to have negative body image days. But I don’t want it to become the dominant narrative.

And now I’m learning more and more how shifting from these labels, just to create more space for different people’s experiences and needs, and philosophies with food. I’m trying to bring those good qualities of those philosophies to my work, and shift away from the labels and finding that balance.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have bad body image days, or it doesn’t mean that I don’t still experience fat phobia. But it just means that I have the tools and resources to better navigate it and to feel regulated even when things like that happen.

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