Is Your Obsession with Nutrition Labels Facts Hurting You?

Most food items are going to have them. Nutrition labels facts. These labels tell us everything about the food we’re going to consume. Ingredients. Macronutrients. Calories. While they give us a basic knowledge of these foods, they are also telling us another thing. Now, this other thing labels are telling us is not intentional. 

The subtle message that comes with nutrition labels facts

The unintentional thing labels are telling us is whether or not we should have that food. This is due to what society and diet culture are telling us about food. So when we pick up that food and read the label, what we’ve been told begins to blare. 

Eat less carbs.
Don’t eat sugar.
If it has x amount of calories, it’s bad for you.
“No” to fats. 
The list goes on and on.

So let’s stop reading the nutrition labels facts.

Especially if reading them leads to restrictive and unhealthy thoughts. I personally struggle when it comes to reading nutrition labels facts. And I know firsthand how hard it is to just stop reading them. I mean they are there. So how do I just stop reading them?

Well, my fellow warrior, you’re not in this alone. We can do this together. Step-by-step. We can do this!

Here are the steps I’m currently taking to stop reading nutrition labels facts.

1. Understand what scares you most when you read the label

For me, it’s the macronutrients. When I see a certain amount of grams of something, I start having restrictive thoughts.

2. Plan on how to challenge yourself with the label

Once you figure out what scares you most, create a series of steps on how to challenge the thought. No step is too small! Take it at your own pace. For me, with macronutrients was the fear.

I planned on challenging myself by having whichever macronutrient was scaring me most and pushing myself to break the rule that my eating disorder created around that particular food. 

3. Practice, practice, practice

Now that you know what steps you’re willing to take, it’s time to put them into practice! The more you practice these challenges, the easier it will become. You can do this!

4. Remind yourself of your values

When doing these challenges, the eating disorder voice will get loud. It may feel like the only way to quiet these thoughts is to listen to them. But that’s not the case. Remind yourself of what you value. This will help you get through the challenge. As well as remind you of why your recovery is so important. 

You deserve a life free of your eating disorder. 

5. Reward yourself

You’re doing all the work. You deserve to treat yourself for all this effort. This can be anything you enjoy or love. Just do something nice for yourself. You deserve it. 

While it can be challenging to stop reading nutrition labels facts, it is helpful in the recovery process.

You got this warrior!

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  1. says: Annonomous

    I have the exact issue. I once spent 40 mins shopping for bread rolls as was looking for the lowest calorie one in 3 different stores.

    My challenge, buy the one I want not the one diet culture tells me I must

    In the nicest way, f*k diet culture

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