How To Stop Feeling Crazy Around Food With Isabel Foxen Duke

Isabel Foxen Duke standing in white dress with a cupcake in her hand and a half smile on her face

Isabel Foxen Duke knows a thing or two about feeling “crazy” around food.  After recovering from a nearly life-long battle with binge eating and yo-yo dieting, she has become a crusader in the body positivity and anti-diet movements. In this episode, Isabel tells us how she transitioned from constantly feeling out of control around food to finally being able to let go completely. Find out how sweet life can be when you stop letting food control you.

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What You’ll Learn from Isabel Foxen Duke

  • The role that humor can play in letting go of shame and getting your life back
  • How the use of diagnostic terms can sometimes be harmful to recovery
  • What is the “Don’t Binge Eat” diet and why it’s not helping your recovery
  • How she finally learned to let go of trying to control her food and body

Favorite Quote

One day at a time

Favorite Recovery Resource from Isabel Foxen Duke

Advice to Former Self

There’s really nothing to be afraid of and you will think about this differently in the future.

Definition of Recovery

Radical acceptance of my food and my body for what it is. Surrendering to what my body and what my food wants to be. Letting go of trying to control it.

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