“Help! I Don’t Want to Gain Weight”, Advice from Eating Disorder Expert, Jennifer Rollin

Jennifer Rollin

Focusing on trying to control my weight made me an actual prisoner of this disease. -Jennifer Rollin, LCSW

For many people who struggle with an eating disorder, COVID is a perfect storm for eating disorder thoughts and behaviors to emerge. The uncertainty, fixation on food supply, disruption to normal exercise routines, and social isolation bring one challenge after another to the already demanding process of recovery. According to eating disorder expert, Jennifer Rollin, LCSW, Founder of The Eating Disorder Center, we have something like 70,000 thoughts a day. Many are the same thoughts in repetition. For people who struggle with eating disorders, fear of weight gain or wanting to control one’s weight is a burdensome thought that takes up a lot of mental space and energy.

In this latest episode of The Recovery Warrior Show, Jennifer shares from both her personal and professional experience, why it’s important to detach from trying to control your weight and what amazing opportunities can open up in your recovery when you do.

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What You’ll Learn from Jennifer Rollin

  • The three outcomes of an eating disorder and a specific strategy you can use to align yourself with the best one.
  • How to create a sustainable recovery plan that’ll give you structure and support.
  • The “Second Arrow” concept and the role it plays in creating emotional hurt and pain.
  • Why an eating disorder is a protective mechanism and what it’s truly protecting you from.

Jennifer’s Quotables

Detach your self-worth from the way your body looks. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing unhappiness for the rest of time.

To me trying to control your body is paradoxical to recovery.

We’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, people don’t need to feel crappy about their bodies in addition to that.

Eating disorders love to come in when things are uncertain and can give us this false sense of control.

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