Podcast Audio/Video Editor

Do you have a love of recording, mixing, editing, reproducing, and optimizing sound?
Have you previously worked on professional podcast productions?
How about editing videos for different platforms, formats, and audiences?
Or adding sound effects, music, and other elements to really tell a story?
If this dynamic multimedia professional we’ve just described sounds like you, then you might have found your next great role.

Position Overview

Recovery Warriors is a multimedia resource hub dedicated to bringing hope and healing to people impacted by an eating disorder. Our Rise Up + Recover app, online magazine, podcast network, recovery programs and online community have helped millions of people on their journey to freedom and self-acceptance. We’ve been featured in Forbes, Psychology Today, CNN, Healthline, and Bustle. We believe within each and every one of us there is a warrior, a person that does not surrender to struggle, but will rise up and greet challenge and adversity with strength, courage, and honor.

Recovery Warriors is looking for a skilled Podcast Audio/Video Editor to join our expanding team to work on a variety of new and existing content!
This is an entry-level, part-time, and remote position. Its primary goal will be to provide specialized post-production editing for Recovery Warriors video and audio projects (podcasts and exclusive video interviews with eating disorder experts and advocates). The role also involves YouTube channel management: the candidate will take the lead on growing the reach and influence of Recovery Warriors YouTube channel with a special focus on promoting our podcasts.
We are looking for someone who’s truly passionate about Sound & Video Editing and Mixing, Podcasting and YouTube Growth. A multimedia editing ninja (formats include video, audio and basic graphic design) who is able to connect with our eating disorder recovery community. Our Recovery Warrior Shows podcast network roster includes Equipped to Recover, Hungry for Love and Recover Strong. As well as Jessica Flint’s show for creatives, Follow Your Bliss.
We are looking for an editor who can turn projects around quickly, with the skills to make raw tape sound pristine and who’s comfortable discerning and stitching together the best takes for an optimal listening experience. Someone with a stream of fresh ideas translatable into visually engaging video content. Someone able to pick up the juiciest content in our podcast and translate it into easily digestible clips, quotes and social media videos. Someone who can help grow Recovery Warriors brand via Youtube and short-form video content on IG.

Duties and Responsibilities

As Podcast Editor you’ll be responsible for:

  • Perform post-recording duties including asset receipt and organization, sound editing in Adobe Audition, video editing, Quality Control, and delivery on various levels of video and audio projects.
  • Edit Podcast tracks to create a compelling listening experience. Our editing process typically involves: Normalizing audio and adding compression; removing umms, uhhs, and repeated words while keeping the flow of speech natural; compensating for lag in remote recordings; removing cross-talk where possible; editing for pace, removing just the boring and irrelevant bits; adding intro/outro music, etc.
  • Identify and cut audio segments from each interview for deployment on social media (IG Reels). You’ll be working closely with our Social Media Manager for collaborative audio & video content creation and distribution.
  • Designing sound effects, selecting and integrating music, leveling and mixing audio. Ability to create simple motion graphics from scratch, along with thumbnails is a plus.
  • Edit ads and broadcast-ready promotional assets for multiple podcasts
  • Creation of cue sheets
  • Writing show notes and titles following our formula (copywriting experience preferred but not required)
  • Uploading podcasts to media hosts

As Video Editor & YouTube Manager you’ll be responsible for:

  • Run the day-to-day operations of Recovery Warriors’ YouTube channel.  Duties include managing content calendar, publishing content, monitoring analytics and interaction, and sharing video assets for other social media channels as needed.
  • Post-production video editing in multiple styles and formats, audio tweaking, color correcting and animating using Premiere Pro or other similar tools.
  • Edit weekly long-form videos from podcast episodes.
  • Edit podcast clips and create short-form video content for social channels (mainly targeted at IG Reels). This will involve working closely and collaborating with our Junior Social Media Manager and the rest of the team to create compelling branded content with a major focus on engagement and audience retention.
  • Execute all aspects of video post production, including file management, import, editing, basic graphics, captions, audio editing and mixing, music selection, and publishing.
  • Create additional assets (i.e. thumbnails) as required for YouTube.
  • Write and edit metadata and copy for videos and channels, optimizing titles, descriptions, and keywords for SEO growth.
  • Simple After Effects or Premiere animations from time to time.
  • Keep up-to-date with YouTube platform developments, trends, and training.
  • Provide regular updates on our channel activity and growth.
  • Use visual storytelling skills and extraordinary attention to detail to evaluate, uphold, and implement Recovery Warriors’ voice and brand through understanding the target audience and elevating our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Skills & Abilities

You are a strong fit for this position if you have:
  • 1+ Years of professional Podcast Production, Sound Design/Mixing or relevant Media experience
  • Proficiency with Adobe Audition. Knowledge of Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects preferred
  • Up to date knowledge of commonly used plugins and SFX libraries for post-production
  • Understanding of Advanced Signal flow/routing
  • Knowledge of Loudness Unit standards for broadcast
  • Experience running YouTube channels whether that be for a Creator, MCN, Publisher or personal channel, and/or current knowledge of the YouTube platform.
  • Experience with Photoshop/Canva to create YouTube Thumbnails and marketing materials.
  • Written English Proficiency. Experience in copywriting preferred.
  • Have an exceptional eye for aesthetics and details.
  • Passion for creativity, storytelling, and multimedia production.
  • Great communication skills, with a positive can-do attitude, and a good sense of humor.
  • Ability to self-manage within a small team. Comfortable working on fast turn deadlines and able to work independently (this is a 100% work from home position).
  • Desire to further improve skills and techniques

Bonus Qualifications

Extra points if you have:
  • Prior experience working in a startup environment
  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a Video/Sound Production or related
  • Prior experience working and/or interest in the eating disorder recovery field
  • Prior experience in Motion Graphics and 3D Modelling & Rendering
  • Prior experience and knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • YouTube certified
  • Creative portfolio

Application Instructions:

We are looking to fill this position ASAP.
Please submit the following to media@recoverywarriors.com to be considered, with the position you are applying for in the subject line:
  1. Resume
  2. Your Natal Chart. Please follow the instructions here.
  3. Please provide examples of experience with audio editing and videos you’ve produced/edited.
  4. Answer the following question:
    • The reason I would rock in this role is…. (give us 3 reasons)
    • If you were hired, what 3 things would you implement for growing viewership and subscribers to Recovery Warriors’ Podcast Network? Why?

If you’re a creative soul and you love working with a team that’s making a difference in the world, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


Want to learn a bit more about us? Keep reading!

What We Do

In everything we do, we aim to shine light into the darkness of living with an eating disorder. We believe it’s possible to break free from the past and rise to one’s fullest potential and soul calling.

Through our 10 years of serving the eating disorder community, we’ve found one of the most important parts of the recovery process is discovering who you are without the eating disorder and learning lifelong skills to cope with the underlying trauma, anxiety, and depression.

For this reason, our company has two distinct branches:

Recovery Warriors provides media and mobile app resources for people in recovery from an eating disorder and has served well over 3M warriors in 184 countries.

True Warrior brings people together to accelerate healing, spiritual awakening, and personal transformation.

Our Core Values

Our team is courageous (we embrace vulnerability), big-hearted (we deeply care about the well-being and success of our community) and fun-loving (always down to find laughter in the moment, even when things are tough).

Become who you were meant to be

We believe when you have the courage to follow your heart’s desire and intuitive guidance you’ll find your authentic path. From here, your unique gifts and purpose come alive and bless the world around you.

Dreams don’t work unless you do

First we dream, then we get down to business making it happen. No matter what problems we face in the creative process, we have an indomitable will to figure them out.

Growth happens in phases and cycles

The personal growth journey is eternal and is enriched by our self-awareness and compassion. We see every ending as a new beginning and every obstacle mastered as fuel for the next stage of our growth.

Caring is a superpower

We truly deeply care about our students and our larger audience of warriors. We want to understand their feelings, goals, fears, and dreams so we can support them in ways that are helpful and life-changing.