Recovery is Not All Sunshine and Rainbows with Kelly Martin


With acceptance, vulnerability, and courage, Kelly Martin managed to put an end to her 15-year battle with food and is now a licensed professional counselor who is committed to helping people recover from their eating disorders.

Through her journey, she learned to not only reconnect with herself, her families, and friends, but also to deal with her emotions and feelings.

Tune in to today’s show to listen to Kelly’s realization that recovery is not all sunshine and rainbows; instead, recovery is living life and appreciating all realms of feelings that make us human.

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What You’ll Learn from Kelly Martin

  • How the holidays become much more enjoyable without the control, planning, and obsession
  • What prompted Kelly’s eating disorders at a young age
  • Kelly’s acceptance, vulnerability, and courage that fueled her to go into recovery
  • Why having someone you trust is a very important part in recovery
  • How life after recovery is not and never going to be perfect, which is exactly what living life is all about.


Favorite Quote

Begin anywhere. – John Cage


You’re imperfect, and you’re wired of struggle, but you are worthy of loving and belonging. – Brené Brown

Favorite Recovery Resource:

Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder: Reclaim Yourself, Regain Your Health, Recover for Good

Advice to Former Self

I would tell her to first tell someone and get help. Then I would tell her that her whole life is not going to fall apart and it’s going to be worth it, and that recovery is possible.

Definition of Recovery according to Kelly Martin

Finding worth in yourself, knowing that you’re more than the eating disorder, and that you have an identity outside of your disease.

For Your Journey

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