The Dark Side of Social Media with Kenny Hubbard

Kenneth Hubbard

Stay weird, stay rad, stay true. These are the words that 23 year old recovery warrior Kenny Hubbard lives by. As a male with a history of an eating disorder he understands the unique challenges men face in getting treatment and feeling accepted. Kenny is breaking the stigma of males with eating disorders all the while focusing on his journey to bettering himself so he can continue to help others live a healthy life.

What You’ll Learn from Kenny Hubbard

  • Some of the challenges that males with eating disorders face when seeking treatment
  • How the culture you choose to surround yourself with can impact your recovery
  • What is “the dark side” of social media
  • How validation through social media has become “social currency”
  • Why a social media detox is a healthy way to reset thought patterns

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Favorite Quote

It is what it is.

Be the hero of your own story. Your life is like a movie you’re directing. Choose what you want to see happen.

Favorite Recovery Resource

Warrior Moment

Having the flexibility to eat dinner at an hour I never would have considered before due to being at work.

Definition of Recovery according to Kenny Hubbard

To not give a f**k. Don’t always look outside of yourself for acceptance. Learn to accept yourself and learn to let go and not let things bother you that would have triggered you in the past.

For Your Journey

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