I Just Found The Key To A Happy Soul. Want It? (a poem)

key to a happy soul- figure wearing a key around their neck, holding key up to camera

When is your soul happy?

When they kiss you, pull you closer and you feel like they are air.

Without them, you can’t breathe.

When all the windows are down and the music tramples any and all thoughts out of your head.

Certainly, not the howling of voices and the crashing stabs of pain.

When is your soul happy?

When your body shakes and the blurry inaccuracy of your sight focuses on a porcelain bowl?

Maybe, like me, your soul is stumbling through the dark, confused, torn side to side.

Guide it. One fumbling footstep at a time.

Guide it towards love, happiness, and freedom.

Shelter it from pain and heartache

When is your soul happy?

Find your guiding light. Hang on for dear life, love. You are the lighthouse, not the fog. Rise above.

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