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antique cookbook image used for article on recovery warriorsIt’s a very distorted assumption that people with eating disorders don’t like food.  They might fear it, dream of it, be confused by it or be scared of it, find it overwhelming, want to avoid it, be obsessed by it – so many emotions are involved, but it’s rarely a case of liking or not liking all foods. The path to recovery is about so much more than simply the consumption of the food, but everything around it. As well as being energy and fuel for life, food plays an important role in the social and emotional aspects of our lives. It is meant to be an enjoyable part of living, but for those with eating disorders grocery shopping, planning meals, cooking and eating with others all present huge challenges.

Learning to love and connect with food again is a huge step on the path to a normal relationship with food. A life not governed by food rules but giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want. Enjoying the tastes and experiencing the multitude of flavours available in the world is a very freeing space to be in. An important part of recovery is learning how to cook. A full and healthy life does not involve someone else providing your meals for you – a recovered individual has learned how to feed themselves.

In accordance with this, I am creating a recipe book, to raise money for BEAT, the UK’s national eating disorder charity. This will be a collection of recipes with heart, things to cook that have emotional resonance. I am asking people to share simple, tasty recipes that matter to them. For example, something your grandmother used to make, a dish that reminds you of a holiday, or your default choice for a lazy Sunday evening. I hope to get across the message that everything in moderation is ok and necessary in a healthy, balanced diet, and that meals are an important and enjoyable part of a happy life.

The booklet will be sold for a small donation, and all proceeds go to BEAT. I’m asking for your support I’m asking for your support through submitting the recipes you love, buying the book and raising awareness. If you want to know more head to recipe book’s campaign’s page.

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