Embracing Who You Are To Overcome Disordered Eating With Kylie Mitchell

Kylie Mitchell is a popular food blogger and self-professed “anti-diet” dietician.  Though she is now in a place where she has made peace with food and body, she is no stranger to over-exercising and food restriction. In this show, Kylie talks about how her blog became a tool to help her overcome disordered eating and the ways in which she plans to raise her child in a body positive household.

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What You’ll Learn from Kylie Mitchell

  • How to spot a “healthy living” blog that may be causing more harm than good
  • The connection between body image and internal struggles
  • How trying to change her body was reflected in her desire to change her personality and how she learned to embrace them both
  • The importance of positive affirmations in her early recovery stages and again when she became pregnant
  • Why trying to control your body size is pointless

 Favorite Quote

David was always there, I just chipped away at what wasn’t David – Michelangelo

Favorite Recovery Resource

Blogs that show a helpful, relaxed relationship with food like The Real Life RD and Yeah…Immaeatthat

Advice to Former Self

There is a body size for you where you don’t have to feel obsessive and compulsive around food and exercise and, when you find that body size, it will feel effortless to maintain it.

Definition of Recovery according to Kylie Mitchell

When you become the person God (or whatever you believe in) fully intended you to be.

For Your Journey

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