What If Every Dream Has the Potential of Becoming Real?


Each of us knows or has known, at some point of our lives, the feeling that we are capable of something great. There’s these dreams that sometimes come towards us, these images of how it could be, life unfolding before our eyes.

Yet we become masters at killing these feelings; telling ourselves it’s not possible anyways and besides, we’re not worth it after all. And if they leave, they disappear, they dissolve, leaving us merely with the painful haze of what used to be.

What if deep down inside, we all are incredibly, infinitely powerful? What if every single little dream we’ve ever had, has the potential of becoming real?

Most of us spend the majority of our lives running away in one way or another. Hell, I have been running away for 17 years straight. Yet then again, there were moments where I tasted the thought of freedom, the thought of potential, the thought of something greater. And after all, the existence of light needs darkness and the existence of darkness shows us that there must be light.

And light there is – infinitely. Each of us has moments of being aware, moments of seeing clear, moments of understanding and grace. Deep down inside, we are whole. We carry light; each and everyone of us. It needs an extraordinary amount of courage to connect to our light, to fully see and embrace and live it. We all have it. It is the tiny voice in your head that tells you “This is not all there is“. The tiny thought: “I’ll try again“, the small hope for a brighter future, or any future at all. It’s the first step into and out of the darkness, not knowing what you’ll find. It’s the getting up in the morning, the smile despite sadness, the moment of hope.

If we embrace all shades of life – light and darkness and everything in between – we can learn to explore and expand our consciousness. You know the things that remind us of wonder and the light that lives within everything? Those things are different for everyone; yet we all bound over them. They can be anything and everything at all – explore, find what you treasure most, and then hold on to it. Dream it. Live it. Become it.

And it’s never easy, but always worth it. Why should we be afraid, when we are free to become everything? Why should we despair? Nothing is ever easy, but it’s always worth it – and believe me, you hold the strength to live all your dreams. On our journeys, we fall and we fly and we rise. And we realize: we carry gold within.

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