Lost a Loved One? There’s A Surprising Way It Can Help Your Recovery

Coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy, especially for someone with an eating disorder. Losing that one person you could once wholly trust and confide in can feel excruciatingly painful, and leave you with a strong desire to give into disordered behaviors.

You become a soulless ghost, feeling hollow inside, too far in to ever see a way out at the end. It can be awful, but did you ever think something like the death of a loved one could kickstart your recovery?


Death can trigger uncomfortable and unsettling emotions such as deep sadness and hopelessness.

Yet it can also result in feelings of anger and guilt. Such as anger and guilt for not seeing or talking more to this person who is now gone forever. However, once these feelings subside, the gateway to pure freedom and happiness is within your sight.

Now act

Rather than dwelling on how your eating and weight issues have profoundly impacted on your life, putting a barrier between you and those close to you, look forward. Start to plan the necessary actions you can take to try to prevent this from happening again.

If your eating disorder has held you back in life up until this point, why let it continue?

If it’s prevented you from going out because of fears of social eating, make a effort to challenge your fears. Really make an effort to not miss any future opportunities that present themselves. Utilize this sense of frustration within yourself for letting your eating disorder ruin your life to propel you forward.

Death puts everything into perspective

Life is so precious. So why waste time getting anxious about food? Does it really matter if you don’t eat “clean” 100% of the time? In the grand scheme of life, does it really matter is you eat something you’d class as “unhealthy” ? Let go of the rigid self-discipline and give in to life’s pleasures.

Whenever you feel like it’s getting to be too much for you to handle, remember that lovely person you lost. Think of how much they meant to you and how they would want you to keep going.

They would want you to progress in life. That person would want you to have exciting things happening in your life instead of constant food and body worries. They’d want you to have the same opportunities open to you as any other person.

Most importantly, they’d want you to be happy and healthy. Use them as your inspiration to help you to stay positive and motivated.

Don’t lose hope. They’d believe in you.

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