What is the Actors Diet with Lynn Chen

Lynn Chen Actors Diet

Lynn use to be about every diet under the sun. Hungry to be cast in great roles she took to extreme measures to control her body, only to find herself out of control and stuck in the diet/binge cycle. In an effort to come to terms with her eating disorders, she started her blog The Actors Diet. Over the years as Lynn’s relationship to food transformed so has the content. What started as a daily diary of meals has become a place for her to show her ongoing balance and celebration of food. Being open with her story has led to many connections with other Asian-American woman dealing with similar issues. Tune into this show, to learn more about Lynn’s story and how she joined forces with Lisa Lee to create Thick Dumpling Skin, an online community for Asian-American woman to discuss healthy body.


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What You’ll Learn

  • What are common struggles unique to the Asian American community
  • Why it is not common for Asian families to talk about feelings
  • How Lynn communicated her problems with food to her family
  • Why is she transparent about what she eats in Instagram
  • How she has been able to manage external pressure from agents and fans


 Favorite Quote

Life itself is the proper binge. -Julia Child


Favorite Recovery Resource


Advice to Former Self

Don’t worry. Things are going to be okay one day.


Definition of Recovery

The acceptance that there is no perfection.


For Your Journey


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