Making a Vision Board

The process of creating a vision board can create change and hope for a brighter future. Looking at the artwork, pictures, images of nature, and words inspire a creative flow that can excite the spirit and move our internal directional arrow towards a new perspective.  By creating an intentional collage of flamboyant inspiration, we can be reminded about whom we are and see where life might take us.

Step One:

Put on your favorite music and prepare your workspace with a variety of magazines, glue, colored paper, tissue paper, glitter, stickers, a piece of poster board or cardboard, and a pair of scissors. I recommend using “YES,” a type of artist’s glue that dries flat and is fun to work with. Begin this project with a variety of magazines. For example, I chose pictures from a Backpacker Magazine, Anthropology’s fall catalog, a travel magazine, and a seed catalog.

Step Two:

Look through your magazines and allow yourself to find inspiration. Color combinations, a motivational sentence, or a word may pop out at you and give you a feeling of excitement or pleasant contentment. Cut the images and words out. Place them on your poster board.

Try to be aware of cultural expectations while you are looking through the magazines and pictures. This is not a time to paste pictures of the perfect partner, sexy models, money, and other cultural ideals. Listen to your gut and stop thinking. Let your creativity take over.  Don’t worry about how all of your images and words fit together. Just place them on your board in any order.

Step Three:

When you are done going through the magazines, begin to glue the images and words to your board. You may want to begin with the larger images to create a backdrop for the words and smaller images. Allow yourself to organize your board in any way that speaks to you. Have fun with it!

Step Four:

You may want to make a frame for your vision board. Then hang it in a place where you will look often. The vision board is a constant work in progress. Feel free to add to it as you find more parts of life that inspire you. I like to make a new vision board each year, because my dreams, interests, and awareness change. The vision board helps me to realize how far I have come each year. Living a happy life begins with hope for a brighter future and inspiration at the moment. Let your creativity guide the way!

(Last Updated: May 25, 2022)

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