Are You a Recovering People-Pleaser? An Insightful Conversation with Maria Yearsley

Maria Yearsley smiling into the camera

Even though recovery is kind of a minefield, and all in the dark, I can see other people ahead of me. And they’ve got a little light guiding my way, and I’ve got a little light. And I’m gonna guide other people behind me. -Maria Yearsley

At a very young age, Maria Yearsley started hiding while eating bowls of ice cream and the pattern continued into adulthood. Trying “to be the good girl,” she spent her life avoiding conflict while keeping her eating disorder and true feelings a secret.

After battling her body for over 30 years, Maria courageously committed to recovery. The skills she learned and soul work it took to break free from the eating disorder also helped her recover from a divorce and miscarriages, and develop a healthy relationship with her partner. With a newfound freedom for life, Maria decided to make a career change. With the goal of helping others heal their relationships with their bodies, she is now in the process of becoming a body image coach.

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Maria Yearsley quote in white letters on black background: I know it can only get better from here.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why just “white knuckling it” through does not lead to true recovery and how recovery requires deep soul work.
  • Maria’s experience with intuitive eating and why granting herself full permission helped build self-trust.
  • How recovery prepared Maria for pregnancy.
  • The way Maria’s relationship with exercise has transformed and why she now enjoys yoga and breath-work. 
  • How Maria stopped internalizing her feelings and found her voice and the positive impact this has on her relationships.

Maria’s Quotables:

I can trust myself. I’m allowed and I can make those decisions. And whatever happens is okay.

I know it can only get better from here. 

Now I have my voice.

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