To All The Little Girls I Adore: My Hopes For You

My Hopes

I hope you look in a mirror,

and don’t allow that piece of glass,

to depict who you are.

I hope you see those eyes,

and that smile;

that so many love. 

I hope that you go to a school dance, 

pick out a dress that makes you feel invincible

and understand your worth is not based off of your body.

I hope that you bite into a cupcake filled with your favorite frosting……






and not counting a single calorie

Hopes for Joy

I hope that you create unforgettable memories and take photos of every last one. 

I hope you look at them later and can smell everything around you,

the dew in the morning,

the fresh cut grass

and the ocean behind you. 

I hope you look at them later and can feel the way the air hugged your body,

for just a few seconds; 

and not once criticize that same body,

for the way it looks. 

I hope you meet a boy or a girl you think you love, 

and then you realize that no one, 

not them,

not even you,

has the right to make you feel anything besides worthiness

Hopes for Friendship

I hope you meet some friends that share similar thoughts,

and some that don’t;

that you sometimes disagree, 

but always respect the other side. 

I hope your friends build you up and make you feel true happiness,

in ways that could never exist if you were malnourished. 

I hope you learn to run,

before you crawl. 

and to laugh contagiously,

before you smile;

I hope you learn you’re so strong,

before anyone tries to break you down. 

I hope you find a subject that you love,

and that you excel in. 

I hope

that when you don’t get the grade you want,

you place no value on the number,

and recognize as a living breathing soul,

you are so much more. 

I hope you find people you love,

and that love you back. 

I hope a fire burns in your soul

when you do what you’re so passionate about.  

I hope you know it is okay to struggle,

and remember you can get through every hard day.

I hope you live,

and I don’t mean the basics. 

I hope you do more than breathe,

more than pay the bills. 

I hope you fall

in love with life,

and yourself.

(Last Updated: July 29, 2022)

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