What Holds Us Back From True Connection with Nancy Staycer, LCSW

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At the age of 30, Nancy Staycer was faced with the decision to continue down a path of destruction from drugs or clean up her life. Moving across the country and attending an AA meeting is where she started. Nancy was soon to find that working through the 12 step model gave her the ability to have what she was looking for all along, connection and authenticity. Now 19 years sober, happily married and raising two children, Nancy is helping woman with eating disorders and co-occurring substance abuse learn how to connect to each other and themselves as the clinical director of Montecatini, an eating disorder treatment center in Southern California. From her personal and clinical experience she has found that discovering our inner beauty, spirit and soul is truly an inside job and has nothing to do with our outer appearance. Tune into this week’s show to learn about the powerful role connection plays in recovery.

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What You’ll Learn From My Interview with Nancy Staycer

  • The two common styles that people use to connect to others that are largely ineffective
  • Why we often come up short when comparing ourselves to others
  • How the values of the 12 step model can be used in recovery
  • The power of accountability and connection in overcoming addiction

 Favorite Quote

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Favorite Recovery Resource of Nancy Staycer

  • AA Big Book

Advice to Former Self

It’s going to be okay. You are always going to be loved and taken care of. There’s nothing to be afraid of.


Sharing on Facebook more about me being adopted and where I came from. I’m feeling safe and really in touch with where I came from and that hasn’t always been the case, so this was a really big step for me.

Definition of Recovery According to Nancy Staycer


For Your Journey

Connect with Nancy Staycer

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