From New Year’s Resolution to New Year’s Revolution

resolutionWe are at the start of the second month of the new year and for many this means reflecting on the intentions they set in January. As we know, a word synonymous to New Year is resolution.

For Many New Year = Resolution

Millions of people are cultivating ideas of how to change their body this year and how they are going to “look better” and “feel better” and “stick to it this time”.

For those in recovery, it may be difficult to hear about the new diet your friend is trying or the ridiculous exercise routine a co-worker has started. You may remember when you, daily, were trying to master those very same things: look better, feel better, gain control over your life and body.

For many people, they may feel that if they can “master this diet” or “lose some weight” it will make them a happier better person. 

Physical health goals are much more concrete and measurable than some of the other areas in our lives, so when people want to make a change they tend to grasp onto changing their physical appearance. However, what if we just looked at physical health as a part of our total well being?

For total health, we not only need to take care of our physical body but also our spiritual, emotional, relational, professional and psychological needs.

As a Dietitian, I am constantly defending the concept of making nutrition and physical health just a part of total wellness, not the entire thing.

Maybe the rest of this year we should all take a look at which areas we are over-focused on and possibly pay more attention to the areas we are neglecting. A revolutionary approach to the typical “New Year’s resolution” that I call “New Year’s Revolution”.

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