Reasons to Recover with Nikki Rollo

As a ‘wounded healer’, Nikki Rollo found her passion in the eating disorders field. Nikki is the National Director of Reasons Eating Disorder Center in South California, where she integrates her expertise as a licensed therapist and her knowledge of Depth Psychology to help people explore what’s beyond their eating disorder’s symptoms. Most of the time, it is something deeper within ourselves that needs attention or care. By opening up and allowing ourselves and others to access it, we will find that recovery is about retrieving the disowned parts of ourselves and being in a place of wholeness that’s innate in all of us.

In this show, Nikki also talks about constructive ways to set goals for ourselves, as goal-setting and sticking to resolutions are what most of us can relate to especially at the beginning of the year. Tune in to learn more about Nikki’s insights on the reasons to let go of your eating disorder, the wholeness of self, our innate ’emotional language’, goal-setting, flexibility, and self-compassion.

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What You’ll Learn from Nikki Rollo

  • What led Nikki to work in the field of eating disorders
  • The ‘subtle body’ and how it can facilitate our healing
  • How our eating disorder’s symptoms are an indicator that something deeper is calling to our attention
  • How yoga and meditation have benefited Nikki tremendously
  • Reasons behind the development of our eating disorders, which Nikki describes as both simple and complicated
  • Reasons to let go of your eating disorders
  • The importance of granting yourselves and others the access your deeper self that needs healing
  • How to set constructive goals without feeding your eating disorder voice
  • How self-compassion can be an antidote to shame, which is something that eating disorders thrive on

 Favorite Quote

The strongest roots we can find are in the dark earth of our own bodies. – Marion Woodman

Favorite Recovery Resources


Advice to Former Self

  • Breathe, and learn to breathe well.

Definition of Recovery according to Nikki Rollo

  • Developing and using your inner language instead of your relationship with food and exercise to communicate your feelings.

For Your Journey

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  1. says: Molly

    Thank you so much Nikki! This episode spoke volumes to me. I am at this point where I am trying to rebuild and mend my soul from the inside out, it is such a delicate and lengthy process. But so very important. ????????❤️

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