There is No One Way to Recovery: You Have to Find Your Own Path


Recovery does not have a one size fits all cookie cutter template to follow. It is not a straight path with a set destination at the end. Recovery IS a journey that will have its own unique challenges and victories for each person taking the steps to reclaiming their life from an eating disorder.

What you can do look to the journeys of other people for guidance, support but don’t simply rely on someone else’s journey to compare how you think you should be doing things, or where you need to go in order to find your own recovery.

If someone has walked a similar road, go ahead and explore that, but if it isn’t working for you change your direction and seek out the path that suits your specific needs. 

I have found I needed to explore various approaches to treating my illness before I found what worked best for me. There were times it was very challenging and I still run into road blocks at times. But I have found a path that is keeping me on track through self-exploration and discovery along with support from others.


My path may not work for others who have dealt with similar patterns of disorders eating and that’s okay. You can, and will find a way that keeps you on track and from falling back into old ways.

My main point is that everyone is different and yet we all have a lot of things in common. Find what works for you among the advice and experiences other people have, and figure out the rest from your own experiences and personal needs. Experiment, be open to new ideas, challenge yourself in new ways, and don’t settle for anything that isn’t going to improve your quality of life.

Recovery is a journey you can stay on if you choose to enjoy the process and keep exploring what makes your life worth living. Carve your own path. Seek support but find confidence in your strengths and abilities. There are many ways to recovery and you can find yours. Don’t give up. Keep on fighting.

Life is full of choices and options and you are not limited to any specific path. Break down the walls you built around yourself and find your own way to wellbeing and happiness. 

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