Another Way to Think About Eating Disorders with Norman Kim, PhD

Norman Kim, PhD

Last year Norman Kim, the co-founder and National Director of Reasons Eating Disorder Center and I were having a nice conversation overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles. During which, he introduced me to a concept that I never had heard or thought of before. The idea that eating disorders are better thought of as anxiety disorders. This relatively simple statement blew my mind and immediately brought a sense of relief. This was the missing piece to my story. With it, my experience of an eating disorder and recovery became more clear. Tune into this show, to learn more about what decades of clinical experience has shown Norman about treating eating disorders and the underlying anxiety.

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What You’ll Learn from my Interview with Norman Kim

  • Why eating disorders are better thought of as anxiety disorders
  • The difference between sub-clinical and clinical OCD
  • What are successful treatment approaches to anxiety and eating disorders
  • Different ways anxiety manifests in the body
  • Why reaching out for help can be challenging

 Favorite Quote

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it. Bearing within him the image of a cathedral. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Favorite Recovery Resource

Music and advocacy

Advice to Former Self

Be curious and reach out.


Standing up for a political/personal belief publicly on Facebook

Definition of Recovery according to Norman Kim

Recovery has to mean more than being symptom free. It’s about being curious, exploring and looking for answers to all the bigger questions in life.

For Your Journey

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