Obstacles Make You Stronger with Laura Tap‪p

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Throughout this process, I really feel like a true warrior. – Laura Tapp

Equal parts grit and grace, Laura Tapp is the poster child for resilience and determination. When she unexpectedly lost her Mom in her twenties, she turned to alcohol and an eating disorder to cope with the deep void she felt within.

Living in silence with her destructive behaviors for over 13 years, she finally opened up to her husband at the time. Unfortunately, he was not the right person to tell and she felt shut out.

Laura eventually got the strength to turn her back on him and leave. This is when her journey to recovery began.

Today Laura is behavior free and focusing her attention on her goals and dreams. She’s found new love, not only with an amazing man, but with herself. Listen to her story of overcoming and be motivated to take on the obstacles in your life.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How the loss of her mother triggered Laura’s eating disorder
  • Why alcoholism fueled her eating disorder
  • What coping skills helped Laura recover from an eating disorder and alcoholism
  • How understanding your core values can keep you on the healing path
  • The way Laura re-framed her “stubborness” for success

Laura’s Quotables:

I’m actually now really living my authentic journey and making the right choices for myself and doing things that I know that not only make me proud of myself, but would make her (Mom) proud of me.

My foundation lies in my spirituality, and in just knowing that I can continue to make the next right choice that is in line with my values and help me persevere.

I’ve learned to let go of thoughts and behaviors that do not serve me.

I finally learned through compassion how to show myself grace.

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