Our Story

Hi, my name is Jessica Raymond.  I’m one of the many who have battled an eating disorder and recovered.

Therapy helped me identify and label my feelings, something that seemed impossible at first, but got easier with time.  I mistakenly thought that the simple act of going to therapy would cure me, that if I sat in a room with a paid professional and told them I was feeling anxious because I have a test tomorrow and I have to get an A or my whole world would collapse that overtime I would still get the A without all the restricting, binging, and purging.

I learned the hard way that it is the days and hours outside of therapy when the most healing occurs.  It is in this time that you take the skills and information you have learned from your treatment team and apply them to your life.

There is no quick-fix miracle cure for recovering from an eating disorder.  Recovery is a process that takes practice and commitment.  It takes daily attention and work.  After all, it is the most important work you will ever do because it gives you your life back.

After 7 years of being recovered, I set the intention to make an eating disorder recovery app that would make the important work between therapy sessions more doable and easier to manage.  This is the Rise Up + Recover app that you are holding in your hands today.

It has been an amazing team effort between the talented developer Joshua Moody and I.  Throughout the app development, Joshua has been touring Europe on bicycle with his wife.  While I have been continuing my work as an oceanographer mapping the world’s oceans.

From the French Alps to the Hawaiian Islands the Rise Up + Recover app still has many more travels in its future.

Where are you going to take it?