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Recipes for Recovery

  It’s a very distorted assumption that people with eating disorders don’t like food.  They might fear it, dream of it, be…

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Learning to Practice Self-love and Self-care

I’m a hard worker. I’m also a perfectionist, and the combination of these two qualities unfortunately means that I also tend to overburden myself. This was especially true of me while I was in University. I took full course loads, joined two clubs, was in student government, had a part time job, worked out regularly, and still took on additional side projects whenever I could. The result was often that I ran myself ragged; all-nighters and 40-hour weeks in the library turned into anxiety attacks and sickness without fail.

Letting Go of Sick Clothes

Part of finding myself during my university years was developing a personal style. I had always liked clothing, but had never really pegged down how I liked to dress, independent of current trends and of anyone else’s opinion. In my California high school, it was all about Hollister and Abercrombie and hooded sweatshirts and Uggs, and I generally tried to conform to those standards (except for the Uggs, that is). Once I left for my east coast, big-city college campus, I began to realize that I loved wearing heels, leather, silk, and jewelry, that I cared about quality, about building a wardrobe, and that I wanted to dress my best every day, no matter where I was going and no matter how anyone else there would be dressed.