A Poem About The Darkness of Eating Disorders and Finding the Light


Actias Luna

All my life,

all my life,

a search for light.




You come to me at night.

You taught me how to talk

through symmetry & mirror.

You leave

kisses on my eyelids,

poison on my tongue.

A promise echoes in my bones.

And how I loved to believe it.

And how I spun the silk.

And how I ate each constellation.

And how I cannot stand the taste.

Sacrificed the sense,

so that the others heighten.

And how I do not wish to spiral,

any longer, toward the flame.

You become a distant memory

lining up for battle,

turning, turning to ballet.


I break-

I break –

I break-

I arise.

All my life,

all my life,

the light,


Image Source: Flickr

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