Letting Go: A Poem About Recovery from an Eating Disorder

For years I fought trusting my own intuition, my own hunger, and my body’s own need to survive. I feared that by letting go of control I would be “letting myself go”. That letting go would mean I was a failure.

Years of treatment, therapy, and honest self-exploration have finally led me to understand the flaws in my thinking.

Letting go is not always a bad thing.

Perhaps it is the one thing that can set us free to live our lives authentically, joyfully, boldly, and with health. Here is a poem on these thoughts.

Let go of the chains of your eating disorder.

Hold on to your freedom.

Let go of the counting, tracking, and measuring.

Hold on to your generous and giving heart.


Let go of the dark and suffocating belief that you are broken.

Hold on to your inner divine light.

Let go of the your hunger pains and self denial.

Hold on to your hunger for life.


Let go of the self criticism and doubt.

Hold on to your acceptance and grace.

Let go of the distorted lens you use to view yourself.

Hold on to your pure heart that sees beauty in all of those around you.


Let go of anger, regret, and resentments.

Hold on to your hope for the future.

Let go of your fears and insecurities.

Hold on to your vision and dreams.

Let go of the unattainable pursuit of perfection.

Hold on to your messy, unpredictable, and beautiful life.

Let go of the idea that your worth is defined by a number.

Hold on to your inner voice and wisdom.


Let go of your determination to shrink and disappear.

Hold on to your power and presence.

Let go of hours of brutal exercise.

Hold on to the flow of energy you feel as you move joyfully in your body.


Let go of the harmful behaviors.

Hold on to your health.

Let go of the lie that your body size dictates your worth.

                 Hold on to your beautiful soul.


Let go of the idea you can never recover.

Hold on to the fighter inside who is determined to survive and thrive.

Let go of the chains that prevent you from sharing your authenticity.

Hold on to your voice.


Let go of your identity as the sick and broken one.

Hold on to your resilience and strength.

Let go of your focus on mistakes of the past.

Hold on to the promise of future possibilities.


Let go of the pain and self destruction.

Hold on to the light within and around you.

Let go of your paralyzing worry and rumination.

Hold on to your faith and trust.


Let go of the need to plan and orchestrate your life.

Hold on your curiosity of how life will naturally unfold.

Let go of your eating disorder.

Hold on to the Warrior Goddess within you.


Let go of your eating disorder.

Hold on to your life.

Let go of your eating disorder.

Hold on to yourself.

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