“I Don’t Want Any Lockers” (a poem)

a path of a tear

is long enough to build
a new strength in my heart
so I will never fall apart

I don’t want any lockers, I need to make it clear

I know what my mind can do, even if it puts me in fear
I have to listen to myself, I know it is hard
but I’ll commit to it, that’s the only thing I need now

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I need to be alone for a while
until I go out and they’ll put me in a new trial
consisted of everybody’s good faith
I was listening to them since I was eight

I cried and I laughed at my own despair
and I know some people only pretended to be there
one day at a time – that’s how I’ll take it
my eyes are newly opened, my emotions are naked

once I slowed down, I finally felt my heart

now I see how they always ripped it apart

I may look for love once I’m done with fixing
right now my head is pounding from all the mixing

screw standards, I’m outrageous
I’m a conscious spirit and that’s contagious
now they’re uncovered, the lockers I have to face
I have to leave them, they won’t keep up with my pace
they’ll eat me alive, goodbye my broken youth

I need to protect my head and my gift of mouth

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