A Poem: Show The Tears

the tears - close up image of an eye that is closed, there is purple glitter eyeshadow on the eye lid and the rest of the image is black and white

Show The Tears

The girl with the smile on her face.
That smile is hiding a lot;
A lot of pain.
A lot of tears.
A lot of fears.
Her skinny body is telling you how miserable she feels.

She can look so fragile

But she has to be strong.
Strong because she is smiling.
Strong because she is still here,
Even though she wants to disappear.

This girl is broken

And needs to heal.
Needs to ask for help.
Needs to be herself;
Get to know herself;
Create herself.

There is a story behind that smile

A story with scars, starvation, tears and fears.
Most of the time that smile is fake.
She says that she’s fine;
But she is not.

This girl wants to be saved

This girl wants to save herself.
This girl is scared
But she wants to heal.

How can someone help her when she can’t help herself?

How can she trust people if she doesn’t trust herself?
How can you know someone if you don’t know yourself?
How can you love someone when you don’t love yourself?

The truth is that she can help herself

She is just too scared.
She could use a little bit of hope;
Hope for a better future

But there is some hope deep inside her

Buried with sadness
But it’s still there
Because she is still here.

That hope will help her


Give her the support she needs

Give her a hug.
Let her cry.

And you:

Accept the help.
Accept the hugs.
Accept the change.

Everything will be alright

But only if you decide to fight.
Fight your fears.

Show the tears

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