Thinking About Pregnancy? Read This First

I’ve seen it happen so many times before. The desperation for a baby sets in. All you can see is the end goal, not the journey. You’re not concerned with getting better, you just want to get pregnant. You step one foot into your recovery, but really, it doesn’t matter as much as having a baby does.

So you go through the emotional rollercoaster ride of infertility treatments before actually taking the time to get better. And by some miracle, you get pregnant.

But you never fixed the problem: your relationship with food/exercise and most importantly, the way you view yourself.

You welcome your little one into the world and slowly but surely you fall back into your old ways.You restrict. And criticize. You feel the guilt. You push harder. Then before you know it, you’re back to square one.

Square one – not a great place to be

You find yourself in this familiar place, only this time you knew better. You feel ashamed for not getting better first. So you start again.

You see…The beauty of your journey is not in the destination, it’s what you learn along the way. Because the changes that happen when you jump with both feet in are both magical and beautiful.

I know how it feels to want a baby so badly it’s hard to see beyond anything else. But…what are your future children missing when they have a momma who is still stuck with her demons of the past?


Put in the work now

Have faith and patience that you’ll have your dream come true.

I promise…it can be beautiful, magical journey to motherhood. But only when it’s done with love for yourself, respect towards your body and faith in your journey.

And the best part is, your future children will have a momma who fought hard to push past her demons. Being a momma who loves herself enough to put her health first will teach her little ones to do just the same.

Go all in. Trust the process. And know that a beautiful life beyond your ED awaits you…

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  1. says: Kris

    Beautifully written, and so true. If you can’t look after yourself properly, then you won’t be able to look after your own flesh and blood. You have to learn to look after yourself first.

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