Prison of Mind: A Poem on Treating Yourself With Compassion

Guardians of Thought - Defectivebarbie
©2016 defectivebarbie

You have done it again
You’ve committed a crime
You must sentence yourself
To a prison of mind.

Your crime was a muffin:
not one worth forgiving
A body with fat
Is not fit for free living

Dark cell, you’re alone
As you wallow in shame
But you know you deserve it
No one else is to blame

So you work on repenting,
Your sins through depriving,
But you’re starving already,
You’re barely surviving,

You truly believe
That the way to get free,
Is by treating yourself
like your own enemy,

But, my love,
You are wrong
It just isn’t true
The key to your freedom
Is in there with you

The jury is back
Your sentence was wrong
You are guilty of nothing
Innocent all along

You must trust this consensus
Do not have a doubt
There is no warden present
You may let yourself out

Artwork by ©2016 defectivebarbie


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  1. says: Jenna Bennett

    I absolutely love this! I have always used the analogy of my ED as a prison so to see that being brought to life through a poem is wonderful.

    Wonderfully written.

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