Work Smarter: How A Treatment Team Can Speed Up Recovery

I own chickens and invariably a few times a week one of them gets “stuck”. Sometimes one will shove their body against the fence in a panicked attempt to get in or out of the coop.  However it happens, the hen is always working hard to get to her destination. And ironically, the door is already open.

From their perspective they are inches away from food and the other hens. They just have to push their way through the fence first. Then they’ll get where they want to be. However, this method is only going to leave them sore and frustrated.

The real answer involves them walking away from their goal long enough to walk around the fence and toward their destination. While the second method technically covers a larger distance, it’s actually a much shorter and more intuitive way to get the chicken where it needs to be.

How does this relate to recovery?

Disordered thoughts are a barrier to restoring not only your health, but an interesting and fulfilling life. At times it might seem like you can still hold onto those thought patterns and just keep pushing forward.  However, it’s like pushing against a chain link fence in an attempt to reach the other side.

A treatment team can help lead you around those barriers and show you a whole new way of thinking.

I can still remember feeling indignant and slightly surprised the first time I realized that I didn’t actually need to hold onto all the rules I had collected.

Want to make massive progress?

After spending years feeling stuck and frustrated, I was able to make massive progress in my own mental health journey once I utilized the help of my doctor and therapist. While I put in the work, they were able to provide me the tools and strategies to show me another way.

If you feel like you are banging your head against the wall or not making progress, consider seeking out a treatment team. 

Who else knows what you’re going through? Have you reached out to a doctor, therapist, dietician or treatment center? There are so many pervasive messages in our culture and media which perpetuate disordered thoughts about eating and body image. Take the time to build up a supportive arsenal to help lead you to a healthier state of mind.

Going to a treatment center or taking time to see a specialist won’t delay your progress. It will actually speed it up. They will also be able to show you how much bigger your life can be.

Stop pushing yourself up against that limiting fence. With the right team you’ll not only be able to move forward, but find a new path.

The door is already open for you to walk through.

Image: @reasonsedc

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