An Inspiring Reason to Recover and Embrace Life’s Challenges


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First and foremost: none of us has all of our questions answered, yet. This is why we are still here.

This might be the millionth time I try to encompass all my recent realizations in one text, that might help some other humans, some other beautiful souls out there to live.

I realize: the now is the only time to live. The now is the only time to chase my dreams. And my dream is to make more and more people realize that they are here, whole and loved – as they are.

We are loved.

As you are.

As we are.

As I am.

Everything is meant to be, just as it is. Every single challenge in our lives is a guide towards an opening, towards a new and deeper understanding of life.

Every single challenge in our lives is a guide towards an opening, towards a new and deeper understanding of life.

We have the chance to be reborn again, each moment anew. We have the chance to celebrate all that makes us shine, to celebrate just the fact that we are still alive, we are still here, we are still breathing.

And then again, have you thought about how beautiful the world really is? Mother nature takes care of us. We have these bodies, that gift us with a home. We have enough air to breathe, enough space to be who we truly want to be, enough water to drink, and all these wonderful nutrients to eat…

But then again, you might say, so many of us are so very, deeply afraid of food, in one way or another.

I would love to share the insight that has helped me to let go of this fear.

I realized a lot of things, just as I allowed my being enough space to be, to breathe.

I am here for a reason. I am here to live my dreams.

Each of us has some dreams and those dreams will also impact the world in some way. My dreams are my callings; and my callings will ultimately change the world.

Therefore, I need to take care of this sacred life energy inside of me.

In the moments I cannot do it for myself; I do it for the world. I do it for sacred life, for all the chances and all the potential wonderful outcomes.

I do it for every single little small light I can bring into the world, every single thing I can shift, change and resolve here on this planet before I leave.

And then I also realized:

All the nutrients we put into our bodies, are actually a magnificent thing: all plants are grown, by mother nature. They needed earth, water and sunshine, to thrive. most of all, they needed the sun: to grow and stretch towards the light, higher and higher into the air. They needed the sun to transcend themselves into magnificent flowers, fruits, fully outgrown plants…

And it is all energy. All this energy in the plants, is energy they can now transcend into our bodies. It is energy of light – an energy, that becomes our gift. Energy that we can now use so that we can live the life of our dreams. To heal our bodies. To share love and stories. To connect. To create. To shine.

Yet, none of us are perfect. We are always gracefully imperfect, and this is the very reason that the earth is still moving. This is the very reason that we are still breathing.

It is all a never-ending journey, it is all grace, it is all here, it is all beautiful.

Allow yourself to just embrace the moment – be it painful or beautiful, dark or light, colorful or full of shadows. Know that essentially, every new experience that you make, holds within it a treasure.

This treasure is a seed for new discovery, the seed for new realizations, new growth, new insights.

behind the mountains of our fears // hides something wonderful // if only we commit to the climb

and if we fall in love with the mountains, the journey in itself becomes beautiful.

As soon as you are fully clear on where you want to be, and why you deserve this dream, why you deserve this desire – every single step you take towards your new goal becomes magic.

You will find things you never even dreamed of.

Stay alive.

Breathe deep;

And nourish your body and soul with love.

One day at a time.

You are meant to be gracefully, vibrantly alive.

You are meant to shine.

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