Reconciling the Sense of Not Belonging & Otherness with Dr. Norman Kim

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Dr. Norman Kim, a leading expert in the ways racism and oppression impact our mental health system kicks off the podcast series In This Body by saying,

These are difficult conversations, these are uncomfortable conversations, these are conversations that speak to people who might consider themselves allies. They certainly are conversations that have the possibility of making people feel bad, guilty, or angry. The other side of that coin is these are also necessary conversations. They are necessary things for us to look at.

As the Co-Founder of the Institute for Antiracism and Equity in Mental Health, Deputy Director at Ayana Therapy, and Co-Founder of Reasons Eating Disorder Center, Dr. Kim’s clear sense of mission for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion has a background story.

Tune in to learn how systematic oppression impacted his own life, the effects it has on our mental health system, and the work he is doing today to help make a change in our world.

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What You’ll Learn

  • The ways shame ties into feeling different from others
  • How becoming a parent influenced Dr. Kim’s identity and helped shift his focus in work
  • How social media magnifies stereotypes, pressures, racism, misogyny, and sexism
  • The importance of acknowledging ways racism has been woven into our country and why silence only perpetuates oppression

Quotables from Dr. Norman Kim

I think silence on all parts is kind of the death knell of any of these issues changing.

Identity is never just a static place to be. It’s always dynamic. And not just dynamic over a long period of time, but dynamic from situation to situation.

The idea that there is a proper and kind of polite way to fight racism, I think has kind of been dispelled. You just can’t really do that.

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