5 Steps to Bounce Back From a Burnout


Have you ever been at a really low point? Life hit you with something you least expected, and now you feel like there’s nothing more to live for. You tried too hard to achieve a goal and you didn’t succeed. Now, you don’t see the point in fighting. I truly hope that not everyone experiences a life burnout. The truth is, however, that most of us go – to a certain extent – through something like this at one point or another. Burnouts are part of life, but we have to learn how to recover from them.

What Exactly Is a Life Burnout?

Let me explain what a burnout is by telling you about the worst day of my life. I was involved in a project for a non-governmental organization. I have great organizational skills and this was a cause I truly cared for, so the project manager noticed my potential. She kept delegating tasks to me, without paying attention to the fact that I was already buried under piles of documentation.

I managed to do all the work. My manager kept giving her approval but at the end, the project was denied by the higher authorities. It was me who got the blame– the one who did all the work. Remembering how my manager yelled at me, pointing different mistakes I didn’t even make… that still hurts.

I had a heart attack that day. At 30 years of age. I slowly recovered my health, but I didn’t recover my enthusiasm. I was facing a burnout. 

Physical and emotional exhaustion after long-term stress – that’s what we call a burnout. It took a lot of time for me to get my head up again, but I’m a fighter. And I’ll tell you how I did it.

During an online research, I discovered this quote:

Burnout… occurs because we’re trying to solve the same problem over and over. – Susan Scott

That was the trigger for me. I was repeatedly trying to solve a problem that didn’t exist any longer. That moment was gone. Was I going to let it ruin the rest of my life? Absolutely not. The following 5 tips come from my own experience. Try to put them to practice; I promise they work.

1. This is the way to think: “It will pass”

Are you feeling low? That’s okay. You have the right to be disappointed. You deserve to rest. Keep repeating to yourself: “no matter how exhausted and unmotivated I am, it shall pass.”

When you change your mindset, things will start moving forward. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, remind yourself how awesome you already are.

2. Talk about it

Nothing can help you more than a meaningful friendship. My friend was the one who convinced me it was not my fault. She didn’t allow me to fall into deep depression.

If you have someone to talk to, then talk! If you don’t, then find someone nearby. A therapist is a good solution.

However, I don’t recommend talking with a friend solely about this situation you’re going through. Get it out of your system and don’t burden your friend too much with it. Engage in bright conversations, ask them how their life is going, and be happy about the good things they experience.

3. Resolve the reason for the burnout

Can you identify the trigger for this situation? That’s the main step towards a solution.

I have one word for you: introspection. Take the time to meditate every single day. Analyze your thoughts and emotions, but don’t let them carry you away. You felt and thought those things then. Now is a different moment in your life.

Once you identify the situation that led you to this point, try to solve it. My way of dealing with the problem was talking to the project manager. Well, I didn’t talk to her, but I sent a nice email. I didn’t accuse her of anything; I just explained how the failure of the project was not my fault. She responded, telling me she was sorry.

4. Think about your goals

What goals did you have before facing the burnout? Do you still stand behind those values? Remind yourself of everything truly important to you.

Then, make a list of goals. Plan how you can achieve them. Now, there’s only one thing left to do: start working toward your (new) goal.

5. Rest a lot

You had a hard time and you deserve to rest. Engage in activities you like. Read, watch movies, go to the spa center. After some time, you’ll feel like new and you’ll be ready to be active again.

What do you think? Can you find the strength to get your life back on track? I know you’re stronger than you think you are.

Artwork by ©2016 defectivebarbie

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