Struggling With Fear? Let This Poem Teach You How To Walk The Tightrope of Recovery

Like a tightrope walker.

Slowly making steps towards your challenge ahead.

Feeling the fear as you become closer to the tightrope.

From a distance, the rope looks so strong.

So simple to the eye.

You’re unsure if the vision of this rope is a true reflection of the steps you know you’re about to take.

It appears appealing, yet deceiving.

You decide to make that brave move anyway.

This journey along the tightrope is going to test you in many ways.

Every foot In front of the other may bring a new challenge.


Each stumble you may face, is a chance for you to fight harder.

In time to come, you will find your way closer to the end of this unsteady rope.

Eventually, you stop looking back at the difficult steps you have taken, because

they’re so far behind you.

Start to believe that every single step, every tear shed, and every fight along the way is worth it.

You have made it this far.

Do not stop moving forward on this tightrope of recovery.

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