Shakti Power For Eating Disorder Recovery: Release And Rejoice

Recovery Warriors Shakti Power

What is it that holds you back from fearless, joyful living? Often times, especially for women, the first thing they say is “my body.” See if you can answer this question without blaming your body or even your eating disorder. Maybe you know the answer right off the bat or perhaps this question needs some attention.

Welcome to the second installation of Shakti Power: Four Steps To A Fierce Fun And Exciting Life. In the first article, we bravely connected with our bodies to discover and express our deepest desires through the “I Want” exercise. That process can evoke some intense emotions. Letting those flow is an essential step in healing and empowering ourselves. If you struggle with feeling things through (as lots of us do!) return to my article on The Other “F” Word and work with The PHAT Practice process given at the end.

I believe eating disorders are sacred messengers trying to help us translate the language of the soul, that they can actually lead us home to our true selves if we work with them compassionately. Taking some time to sit with what’s below the surface of our body discomfort sheds light on what’s really in our way. Take a little journey with me on your yoga mat to discover and release what’s blocking your peace.

Blessings on you path warriors!

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