How to Cope With Binges and Slips While Trying to Recover
I vowed that no matter what, I would no longer allow myself to wallow in self-loathing after a binge.
Why Can't I Stop Binge Eating?
Punishing ourselves for eating “too much” or eating “unhealthy” foods does not actually change our tendency to do so. It only makes...
The Solution to Your Binge Eating Struggles
Repeat after me: it is never necessary for me to be upset with myself or where I’m at in order for me...
10 Expert Tips to Recover from Binge Eating
Often, when we are engaging in disordered eating, other areas of our life are out of balance.
Recovery From Binge Eating is Never Linear
Recovery from binge eating, for me, is fighting every single day to not sit with that friend and to feel those feelings...
The 3 Practices Can Help You Stop Binge Eating for Good
Just like sitting and watching the clouds pass over you, it‘s possible to just sit and observe thoughts, without interacting and identifying...

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