Binge Eating, Bulimia + Breaking Free: How I Found Freedom
It wasn’t until I began to work through my past, treat myself with compassion instead of shame and learn new ways to...
Dear Bulimia
I know it won’t be easy to get rid of you, bulimia. You have teeth, and you bite me every time I...
It's Just a Little Laxative: the Dangers of Bulimia
While people often think of eating disorders as a struggle to stay skinny, it is really a constant struggle of maintaining control...
Bulimia is a Thief: But I've found a Reason to Rejoice (a Poem)
Use your voice, Use your struggle. You have a choice To let your stolen memories Become your reason to rejoice.
Bulimia Took Over My Life for 8 Years. Here’s How Meditation Improved Everything
I am suggesting that a daily meditation practice of at least 45 minutes may dramatically speed up your recovery from bulimia.