Why You Shouldn’t Be So Scared About the Presence And Your Future


The Future

…used to scare and frighten all of us. In being afraid of the future, we become haunted ghosts in the present. We are afraid of falling asleep because we know it will inevitably be followed by waking up the next morning.

And we are afraid of waking up.

We are afraid of our lives, as they move and echo and break around us.

We are afraid of the stormy seas and tired of never seeing the shore, never feeling stable ground beneath our feet.

Yet what if I told you; the now and the future are not our enemies?

In infinity, there are endless things to discover, and every moment is disconnected, floating, free from any kind of restraints – every moment holds the potential of becoming who YOU choose to be. What YOU do with each moment, eventually re-assembles the pieces for all your life, painting a new picture, a picture more beautiful than all your wildest dreams.

I know the shaking grounds. I know how you might feel, how you might think – I’m different, I’m not worthy, I’m smaller and dirtier than any others of you. But here’s the thing: Despite all the pain you’ve felt, despite any sins you might have committed, any experience that bruised you, any memory that weighs you down – THIS MOMENT, THE NOW, IS FULL OF FREEDOM. YOU are free. Your soul is free. And so is your mind.

Every moment creates the next – it’s all connected and disconnected at the same time. Each moment you believe in a better future, you begin to water a seed that will become a plant, transforming all darkness to light and all that used to paralyze you into refreshingly new air.

It will transform all that used to drain you into something that awakens your grace.

And ultimately; it will transform YOU, the emotions you feel each day. It will revive your dreams and desires, your trust and confidence, your love.

But, what if right now the demon’s voice inside your head still speaks? What if your soul is not soothed – yet? You wonder… What lies before you?

Before you lie things, way greater than you might see right now. There will be infinite new moments floating towards you, smiles and places, atmospheres, feelings and sensations, experiences, pain and joy, dark and light, bliss and love. Challenges you haven’t yet conquered, magic you haven’t yet felt, wonders you haven’t yet found. They all lie before you and live inside you at the same time. The universe is full whatever it is you need – and once you open your eyes and have the courage to believe, you will find ways to discover and create it everywhere.

Imagine you had INFINITE powers. Imagine it was possible to pursue and realize even your WILDEST dreams.  Think of everything you WOULD do in this world, if only you could – if you were your superb, supreme version of you, entirely fearless, entirely free.

Imagine it.

Close your eyes, and imagine it.

Now open them again…

I want you to know, to tell yourself, and to believe: YOU ARE WHOLE ALREADY. Everything you need is within reach, you are capable of pursuing and materializing it – and most of all: YOU DESERVE ALL YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY.

Don’t be afraid, don’t see yourself as less than you are. You still carry love, and hope, and light within you. No matter any outer circumstances – you are still breathing, still here, still YOU – your eyes are still shifting and looking and reading these lines.

Your heart still beats. It has kept you alive through all of this.

And „All we are, is stars.“ We are made from their dust, and one day we will return to them.

Until then: Treasure the moments you have left on this earth. Look around, count good things, wander. Get lost. Explore. Spend more time outside of your comfort zone than inside it; taste fear, taste excitement, taste joy, taste freedom, taste love.

Cause inside you, inside me, inside all of us lives love.

Let’s embrace and treasure and celebrate it.

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