A Poem: Serendipity

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Far away and long ago,

There was a queen with only one goal.

All maidens in town must be pretty and pink,

You look as I say, and you try not to think.

She had the rules kept in a book,

Every maiden in town must own The Look Book.

Each week a new look would be put in demand

The look must be copied, each and every hair strand.

The pants, the shoes, the styles, such a hit!

Gadgets were created to ensure proper fit.

Squeezing machines put you into a pant

Foot shaping tools to make your heels slant.

The women sat, day after day,

Longing to look, just the right way.

Mirrors were kept in every possible nook,

Reflections to assure they had the right look.

Not too far from town a young girl did reside.

To the queen’s rules, she did not abide.

She had her own style, she did what she pleased.

She wore clothes that let her run and climb trees.

When it rained, oh my! What a big mess.

The water might ruin your hair or your dress.

But not this girl, no way! She ran in the rain.

This girl was free, Serendipity was her name.

The queen, forever searching for new looks to enforce,

Assuring  her town was perfect, of course.

There were shows of beauty and parades of fashion,

Classes and potions to change looks were her passion.

The town-folk would come to her castle to share,

Their new ideas, new shoes, new styles of hair.

These looks were not new; she’d seen them before,

“These looks to me have become quite a bore!”

“I demand a new look, and I demand it quite quick,

Go search for my look that will make me sleek, slim and slick.

Meanwhile, Serendipity walked right on by,

All the mirrors reflected the twinkle in her eye,

The queen caught a glimpse and jumped with delight,

“That thing on her face, I want it tonight!”

“The curve of her lips, the way her mouth curls.

This look I must have, go find this young girl!”

To the palace they begged Serendipity to be,

To show the queen her secret looks of beauty.

Serendipity arrived to the castle with ease,

Dressed in her favorite, worn dungarees.

The queen had her photographed in attempts to emulate,

The sparkle in her eye, and the smile on her face.

They plastered the queen and they altered some more,

To create the same look Serendipity wore.

Little did the queen know when a smile is true,

The joy comes from the truth inside of you.

The layers of paint on her face accumulated,

But the smile of joy could not be duplicated.

The queen in her frustration, simply asked the young miss,

How do you attain such a sweet look of bliss?

The girl smiled and took the queen by the hand.

“Let me show you”, she said, “and you will understand.”

I like who I am, I don’t need The Book to guide me.”

“I am how I am, and I want to live free.

“Take away that Book that tells you who to be,

Be yourself, my Queen you will be so happy!

The queen sat and thought about the advice,

From such a young girl, could she be right?

The next day the town was anxiously waiting,

For the newest look the queen would be unveiling.

What’s the next look, what will she allow?

What new shoes, what new style must I shop for now?

The curtains opened and the queen’s face was a glow,

With a smile so wide her teeth even showed.

The new look she reveled was so pure and true,

Nothing can be fake when the joy’s inside of you.

The town folk all stared, with nothing to say,

They have never seen the queen adorned such a way.

No jewels, no hat, no matching bag,

Why, what has happened, has she gone mad?

Yet, the thing on her face, it was gorgeous and bright!

Her eyes, how they sparkled, like stars in the night!

“She is happy, yes, so happy inside,

Without all the stuff,!” the people all cried.

“Is it true, can it be, we can all do away

With the fake things we do to ourselves every day?”

The Queen then declared to all in the town,

Happiness, true joy, inside, it is found!

The Look Book was dismissed as old and untrue,

Be happy, be yourself, that is all you can do

Smile, smile, smile!

You are you! You are you!

Look inside for your joy,

Let your true smile shine through!

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