7 Ways to Have a Better Body Image

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Perception of the body is something everyone shares, whether positive or negative. Body image can be shaped by a variety of complex factors including genetics, environment and the media.

Negative body image is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone, at some point in their lifetime, experiences a poor picture of themselves, whether it be mental or physical. The important thing to remember is that you are never alone and reaching out for help is a critical step in building a healthy self-image.

Here are seven ways to clear away the dust and reconstruct a better body image

1. Deal with the underlying issues in therapy

Underneath poor image are often layers of issues that need to be addressed. Finding a trusted therapist who can help unravel the source of the problems will go a long way in establishing a positive body image for the future.

2. Change the negative self-talk to loving, positive talk

We hear this all the time, but talking to yourself as if you were your best friend truly works over time. Training your brain to believe the good things about yourself is necessary if you want to live a life filled with positivity. What you think, you say, and what you say, you do. Eventually, your life emulates automatically the way you think and behave. So why not fill your life with gentle, affirming phrases?

3. Get in touch with your spiritual side

Why is this so important? Spirituality implements a source of guidance and allows us to search inside ourselves for many of life’s complicated questions.

As we grow, we learn to see ourselves as more than just a body, but as a spiritual being, and we gain confidence and wisdom.

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4. Dress for yourself, not others

Wearing clothing that is comfortable and tailored to your needs is a way to instantly boost your mood. Clothe your body according to what makes you feel good, and you only. Your body needs no one’s approval but yours.

5. Keep an attitude of gratitude

No matter how low you are feeling, there is always something to be thankful for. Got your gratitude journal or mental checklist open? If not, be aware of all of the wonderful things in your life and give thanks. There is so much to be appreciative of.

As long as you’re breathing, life is good, and things will get better.

6. Help others

Self-pity lives in the home of poor body image. One of the best ways to get your minds off yourself is to help someone else. You have something that will benefit another, and in turn, you will learn and grow. Your self-esteem will be boosted and you will have a greater appreciation of yourself.

7. Get rid of the people, places and things that are holding you back from having a positive body image

Just like you clean out your closet, it is vital that you clear out anyone and anything that are keeping you from being your best. Is there anyone that consistently negative? Surround yourself with people who compliment you and who want to see you become all that you can be. Similarly, stay away from places and situations that reflect a poor image of the wonderful person that you really are. You become like the people and environment you hang around in, so make sure they are positive.

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  4. says: HarrPotter

    Enhancing body image goes beyond societal norms, delving into the realm of self-awareness and acceptance. While mainstream media often perpetuates narrow beauty standards, some argue that watching porn videos can contribute to body awareness. In this perspective, adult content can serve as a platform for diverse representations, celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes. Critics, however, caution against relying solely on adult content for body positivity, emphasizing the importance of holistic self-awareness practices. Ultimately, fostering a positive body image involves a nuanced approach, encompassing self-reflection, societal deconstruction, and embracing diverse representations that extend beyond the confines of adult entertainment.

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