Shakti Power: Four Steps To A Fierce, Fun and Exciting Life

Julie Norman in power yoga pose with eyes closed, hands touching above her head, sitting on the ground
Each of us is a power house. A sacred being here on this earth to live joyful, abundant lives. We each have magnificent gifts to offer humanity. Yet we often don’t feel so hot about ourselves, our lives, our bodies. Why is that?

In my first Recovery Warriors blog series on body image, we looked beyond the media and the mind into the roots of painful body image and eating issues. The last blog there introduced us the concept of “shakti;” the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves. Shakti energy relates to emotions, intuition, desire and creativity.

Connect with your power

In the last series we looked at emotions and how overly controlling them relates to “feeling fat.” The practices offered in that series help us learn to heal that habit. In this series, which includes video content, we’ll dive deeper into the other aspects of shakti to empower peace with your body and food so you can live life to the fullest.

Shakti Power

Let’s get started! Grab your yoga mat or just a chair, and join me for a simple shakti practice now. Be sure to have a journal handy to write about your experience afterwards.

Namaste Warriors!

Photo Credit: © 2016 Julie Norman

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