Shakti Power for Eating Disorder Recovery: Build Confidence

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest…inspiration abounds for recovery, for healing, for self-empowerment. This is great support but can fall short. Any skill requires action to move the wisdom into the body. For instance, you can study and listen to a foreign language but until you use it out in the world it just won’t stick.

The same is true for all we do in recovery which brings us to step three of our Shakti Power Series. Here we stand tall* to integrate the energy of our dreams into all of our being and transform feelings of fear into personal power. Just a few fundamental yoga poses can help us shift the experience of our body and build the confidence to let our true selves shine through.

Practice with me right here, right now. The world is ready for your wow!

Peace and namaste warriors!

*You can do these poses on a chair too! Simply stay seated and place your feet and legs where I do in the video honoring your body’s unique range of motion. Follow along with the same upper body actions as well. Feel free to connect for further directions.

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