How Animals Can Support Your Recovery with Shannon Kopp

Shannon Kopp - smiling with four puppies around her
For eight years Shannon battled bulimia. In an effort to turn her life around, she searched endlessly for answers to how to stop her self-destructive behaviors. She gathered precious knowledge about what she was suppose to be doing through therapy, books and yoga, but was struggling when it mattered the most. It wasn’t until Shannon connected to shelter dogs that she was able to turn her life around. Through the love and support of her canine friends, she unleashed the higher and compassionate voice within herself. A voice that had been there all along.

Tune in to this inspirational interview with Shannon Kopp, author of Pound for Pound: A Story of One Woman’s Recovery and the Shelter Dogs Who Loved Her Back to Life to learn more about her story of healing and reconnecting to her heart.

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What You’ll Learn from my interview with Shannon Kopp

  • What shelter dogs and people in recovery have in common
  • Powerful life lessons we can learn from our pets
  • The benefits to having an emotional support animal
  • When to know it is the right time to adopt an animal
  • Why it is important to focus on living in the here and now
  • An effective way to deal with anxiety and depression

 Favorite Quote

Today is always here…tomorrow, never. -Toni Morrison

Favorite Recovery Resources


Advice to Former Self

  • She would talk to her former self in the same way she talks to shelter dogs today, with love and compassion.
  • You’re lovable, despite whatever you does. There is no amount of vomit or bingeing or weight gain or pants sizes or whatever is resulting from the eating disorder or on your mind from the eating disorder. There is no amount of that that can make you unlovable. In fact, having gone through it you are at some point in your life going to be a more compassionate person.

Definition of Recovery according to Shannon Kopp

  • Authenticity

For Your Journey


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  1. says: Sandra

    Thank you so much for doing this show and providing information about Emotional Support Animals! Could you provide information regarding how to officially register a pet as an ESA? There seems to be several organizations that offer the type of registration that Shannon described, but I am not sure which organization is legitimate. I would appreciate any information that could be shared. Thank you!

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