Shifting Your Mindset For a Sustainable Recovery with Emily

My recovery became more about love and hope, and it just kind of completely turned around the way I looked at it. – Emily

In this show, Emily is full of great advice on mindset shifts that are key to a successful and sustainable recovery. Take notes because the shifts she shares will change your life when you put them into practice.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What a Laughter Group is and why it is beneficial
  • Why recovery is not just about weight restoration
  • How learning to be assertive and set boundaries helped Emily stop using her disorder as a way to communicate to others
  • The difference between “doing” and “being” and why it matters in recovery
  • How Emily’s approach at recovery involved taking small steps forward consistently over time
Emily Jackson quote in white letters on black background: I feel like the whole process of recovery has just been acts of courage over and over again,.

Emily’s Quotables

There’s all these amazing things underneath my eating disorder. And once I stripped back my eating disorder, there’s this amazing, beautiful person under there. And that’s me.

I’m going to get better for me. And this isn’t about anyone else.

You have to choose recovery, hundreds of times a day, over and over and over again. And that has just taken so much courage.

When my recovery became more about really reclaiming myself, and letting my light shine, and taking up space, and knowing that I was worth recovering for. It’s such a different way of looking at it, and it is so much more of a sustainable kind of recovery.

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