Start approaching your recovery like Taylor Swift and watch it transform

Sometimes you gotta turn to the pros.

What can you learn from professional athletes or musicians like Taylor Swift about going the distance in eating disorder recovery?

In the latest episode of Fear Less, an audio series on The Recovery Warriors Show podcast channel, Jessica Flint and Andrea Wells dive into how the concept of “turning pro” can transform your recovery journey, empowering you to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting success.

The Concept of Turning Pro

The episode introduces the concept of turning pro or professional, which means embracing a professional attitude and approach towards your recovery journey, much like an athlete or artist striving for excellence.

Think of “turning pro” in eating disorder recovery like this: it’s when you decide to get really serious about getting better. 

You’re super determined and disciplined about doing whatever it takes to make progress.

Think about the level of dedication that a professional like Taylor Swift shows up with for her music and fans.

Taylor Swift shows commitment over the long haul. She didn’t let a massive setback like losing the rights to her music and being bullied by Kanye and Scooter stop her from creating new music. Instead, she is patiently re-recording her hits, writing new ones, and selling out stadiums. Taylor endures adversity and continues to reinvent herself. These are qualities of “turning pro”. When you turn pro, you don’t let life break you. Instead, you dance with it, you sing with it, you laugh with it, you cry with it. You approach it like Taylor Swift.

Inspiration From a Book

Turning pro is a form of mindset shift, inspired by Steven Pressfield’s book, Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work.

This practice can be applied not only to creative pursuits but also to various aspects of your life, including recovery. 

Just as professional athletes and singers (like Taylor Swift!) dedicate themselves to their craft, you are encouraged to bring the same energy and intensity to your recovery. 

When you turn pro, you show up differently for your life.

Jessica Flint

By making it a priority and committing to it wholeheartedly, you become the ultimate creator of your recovery.

The Pro vs. The Amateur

While professionals may not have a perfect record and may experience setbacks, they approach their journeys with dedication and a focus on long-term success. 

In contrast, amateurs tend to get overly excited and burn out quickly. 

Adopting a turning pro mindset helps you focus on your recovery’s big picture so you can stay committed for the long run.

Think of your journey of recovery as showing up for a sports practice.

How committed do you think you will be?

Are you there, giving it your all, or are you skipping practice sessions? 

In the context of recovery, practice could mean things like eating enough, eating regularly, and making sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. 

These are the basics, and they’re a big part of showing up for your recovery.

Embracing the Power of Change

Changing your perspective is one way of taking that step toward a transformative shift in your recovery journey.

Quoting Wayne Dyer, Jessica reminds you that if you change the way you look at things, you change your life.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

Your relationship with yourself, your body, and food can all be transformed through a change in perspective. 

By recognizing that every day is a blank canvas, you have the power to create the recovery you desire with each moment.


As you embark on your journey toward recovery, remember this: turning pro isn’t about perfection; it’s about progress

By turning pro and embracing the power of change, you can create the recovery you desire and deserve.

Take a listen to the full episode, and remember: in your recovery journey, keep going, keep growing; the journey itself is a triumph.

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