Your Story Matters More Than You Think


When I shared my own struggles I faced seven years ago (overcoming depression and identity crisis after dropping out of college and experiencing a personal transformation), and in recent years (moving from Europe to India and starting all over from scratch) I was so deeply touched by all the feedback I was getting from the readers who resonated with my story and who got inspired to change their own life and felt like they were not alone because they knew someone else was going through the same thing that they were going through.

When I started writing very “personal” articles and blog posts I could not imagine that they were going to inspire so many people who were going through the same or similar situation and who could relate so deeply to my messages. It wasn’t easy to share my personal, vulnerable stories, and it took me a lot of courage, but not only did it make me feel grateful because I reached other people, but I also felt deliberated and empowered.

Whatever stories belong to you such as your achievements, struggles, challenges and obstacles, they can all be an inspiration to someone else.

Today, in the era of internet, you can share yours story in numerous ways:

  • By creating your own blog;
  • By writing an article (if you love writing);
  • In social media groups;
  • By uploading a YouTube video

You can also share your story in person by:

  • Giving a public speech;
  • Sharing your experience of overcoming a depression, addiction or a disease (with a recovery group);
  • Inserting your own story or experience as part of your professional speech or lecture (if appropriate)

However, inspiring others to become better should not be done by:

  • Giving unasked advice;
  • Trying to fix or change the other person
  • Bragging about your successes and achievements to everyone you meet or talk to.
  • Criticizing others for not progressing or changing what you think they should change
  • Imposing your own views or opinions onto others

The best way to inspire others is to be the light, to be happy, fulfilled, and satisfied with your life and to radiate the positive vibes and infuse happiness all around you.

The only person you can truly change is yourself. And while working on becoming the best version of yourself, you can be an inspiration and positive example to other people around you.

Or, said in simple words, by yogi Bhajan:

“Become so happy so that when others look at you, they become happy too!”

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